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In this category, you can find descriptions for various open source projects, in which KNOPPER.NET is involved. Many of these are now components of commercial products from various vendors and are continuously maintained and extended.

One of the well-known genuine productions of KNOPPER.NET is KNOPPIX®, which is a GNU/Linux distribution that starts and runs entirely from CD, DVD or USB flashdisk, or over a network, without prior installation on harddisk or configuration.

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As integrated part of Debian/KNOPPIX, a "talking" Desktop - ADRIANE® - is being under continuous developent, which allows blind and vision impaired computer users without advanced computer skills, to use the internet and various media in a comfortable way. Special hardware or cost-intense proprietary software is not required, opposed to common expensive and feature-restricted commercial solutions.

LINBO (Linux-based Network Bootconsole) is a graphical boot console, used as self-repair and installation system for Linux® and Windows® operating systems. It allows fast parallel installation and repair preferably over LAN with an easy to use graphical interface. LINBO is being used in various school network solutions, also in heterogenous installations.

Based on KNOPPIX, or oriented at the hardware detection and support features thereof, we create project-specific GNU/Linux installations (also embedded micro-systems), which are delivered, for example, as specialized

kiosk oder emergency systems
with an extendable build system.

In scenarious where you will hardly find any available "standard software", KNOPPER.NET develops innovative new solutions complimentary with in-depth analysis and research. Details can be found in section Software Engineering / Development

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